Logs and firewood free delivery in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Nothing’s nicer than a nice hot, crackling fire on those long dark winter nights. But often, finding good quality dry fire wood and logs can be a chore.
The right seasoning and storage of firewood is critical, and so is the choice of wood… damp softwood is hard to get burning, and once it does it’s down to ashes before you know it.
Logs2Burn supply good quality, dry, long-burning hardwood logs in convenient .54m3 bags directly to your door.
Ordering is easy, and all deliveries are from stocks in our own sheds to your doorstep at a time and date convenient for you.
Each strong bag contains plenty of dry hardwood—perfect for log burners, ranges and open fires.
And at just £65 per-bag, keeping warm doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury or involve trawling around and filling your car’s boot with dirty, damp wood.