Logs and firewood free delivery in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Nothing’s nicer than a nice hot, crackling fire on those long dark winter nights. But often, finding good quality dry fire wood and logs can be a chore.
The right seasoning and storage of firewood is critical, and so is the choice of wood… damp softwood is hard to get burning, and once it does it’s down to ashes before you know it.
Logs2Burn supply good quality, dry, long-burning hardwood logs in convenient .54m3 bags directly to your door.
Ordering is easy, and all deliveries are from stocks in our own sheds to your doorstep at a time and date convenient for you.
Each strong bag contains plenty of dry hardwood—perfect for log burners, ranges and open fires.
And at just £65 per-bag, keeping warm doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury or involve trawling around and filling your car’s boot with dirty, damp wood.

Hard Wax Oil

Sabrina Oak Doors are now selling Hard Wax Oil, woodstains, polishes and more on their Online Shop. These oils, waxes and hard wax oils are not only created for oak, they are unique formulations for any timber.

Read more at http://www.sabrinaoakdoors.co.uk/shop

Pixelmakers Limited are proud to be the creators of the shop for Sabrina, and may they long continue to dominate the UK market in bespoke, quality oak products.

Kitchen Fitters Direct

Are you planning for a new Fitted Kitchen?

Then welcome to Kitchen Fitters Direct, the Internet’s easiest way to find reputable Kitchen Fitters.


Our team of fitters are the SAME EXPERT FITTERS used by the Major Kitchen Suppliers, they have many years experience in the field and the quality of their work and craftsmanship is second to none AND…. they have agreed to join with us to save you, the customer, money.

Everyone looking for the kitchen of their dreams often worry about how it is going to be fitted. Kitchen Fitters Direct offer a full end to end kitchen fitting service to the highest standard, to include all the electrical, plumbing and gas work – even remove the rubbish! We are very much aware of the difficulty in finding a good, honest, hardworking tradesmen but, by vetting our Fitters we are able remove the risk and give you confidence. All you need to do is buy the kitchen and leave the fitting to us!


With Kitchen Fitters Direct there are specific price plans to eliminate haggling or those unexpected extra’s. By using our services you will get the same fit and quality that you would expect through the large major kitchen suppliers but at a FRACTION OF THE COST. With the details you provide, we will confirm the costs, explain what is included and excluded, locate a vetted installer closest to your address, arrange the pre install survey (to ensure there are no surprises), arrange the install date and provide guidance via our helpline at any point.