Website design should be fun, not expensive…

Ever wondered why lots of businesses let their website slip off the radar?
Often, the web can be a daunting place, and securing your own personal piece of it is essential these days.
The minefield of companies offering ‘real value web design’ has sadly diluted the importance of getting a website ‘just right’.

With this in mind, take a look at your own website and think: Am I doing all I can to keep this up to date?

A website is almost like a poster for your company… if it’s the same-old same-old then people will stop noticing. The search engines (such as Google) are much the same… if your website stagnates, the search engine robots will stop looking, and slowly you’ll lose exposure.

Pixelmakers make web design fun. And with their own ProfoundCMS website management system, your website can be managed from any computer with internet access.

Keeping your website up-to-date and fresh is really important… so contact Pixemakers for more information on how ProfoundCMS can help your business.

Search engine optimisation… who needs it?

Web design is something of a misused term. Only last week I was asked “Which web design package do you recommend?” to which I replied ‘a pad and pencil’.

Sounds pompous?

Yeah, probably does. But web design is something which can really on be carried out by web designers… the ‘tools’ are the software, but the design is subjective.

Search engine optimisation is a crucial part of web design these days. If you want a site noticed, you need to make sure the site is rich in content, information and appeal. Secondly, to get the search engines to see you, you need to popularise your site by getting inbound links.

LinkLink is a great way to get your site noticed by the search engines… so if you’re a business in Shropshire, drop us a line to get your site on our database…

Earning extra revenue from your website

By joining the excellent Google Adwords and Adsense programmes and start generating revenue from your website. The benefits are not immediately obvious, but given time, your site will be generating additional hits and extra revenue automatically, all handled by Google.
Joining is quite simple, and if you have HTML knowledge and access to your webserver pages, you will be up and running within hours.

Whole heartedly recommended.

Nexus Collections Conference Bags UK

Nexus is the only UK company that specialises in conference bags, briefcases and portfolios.

Our service is geared completely to the needs of you, the event organiser.
Outstanding selection of styles, fully personalised to your requirements.
Backed by our guaranteed rapid service.

For our latest collections brochure and pricelist…
Call +44 (0)1694 751777

Labels for wine and champagne, from your own photographs.

Birthday or wedding party? Something unique? Extra touch?

PartyBottles allows you to design custom labels for your champagne, wine or beer (or anything else) which not only are unique and bespoke, but actually LOOK like genuine labels!

With a huge choice of ready-to-use gummed label designs available, the rest is up to your imagination. We can even print pictures or photographs on the labels for you!

And with our custom greeting card service, we can take your digital camera files and produce professional birthday or Christmas cards!


  • Wedding Champagne, name of bride and groom with the marriage date
  • Birthday Beer, name and photo on bottle
  • Corporate Wine, a unique corporate gift – your own company logo and details on a wine label!

Every label order comes with a guide on how to safely remove the existing labels from your bottles.

We also can offer a ‘labels-on-bottle’ service, supplying the label AND the beverage, all ready to use!