Search engine optimisation… who needs it?

Web design is something of a misused term. Only last week I was asked “Which web design package do you recommend?” to which I replied ‘a pad and pencil’.

Sounds pompous?

Yeah, probably does. But web design is something which can really on be carried out by web designers… the ‘tools’ are the software, but the design is subjective.

Search engine optimisation is a crucial part of web design these days. If you want a site noticed, you need to make sure the site is rich in content, information and appeal. Secondly, to get the search engines to see you, you need to popularise your site by getting inbound links.

LinkLink is a great way to get your site noticed by the search engines… so if you’re a business in Shropshire, drop us a line to get your site on our database…

Apple iPhone… my initial experiences

Well, the iPhone certainly got me excited when it was released back last year.

I wanted it, but waited until they ironed out the bugs.

And now, thanks mainly to the price drop from o2, I am the proud owner of one.

Being a Mac fan, the iPhone is practically the Holy Grail of mobile phones for business use when teamed up with a Mac… contacts, bookmarks, movies, music, calendars and more are flawlessly syncronised, and email/web access is a breeze.

All in all, this has made me one seriously happy bunny.

More to report when I get round to it!

Hard Wax Oil

Sabrina Oak Doors are now selling Hard Wax Oil, woodstains, polishes and more on their Online Shop. These oils, waxes and hard wax oils are not only created for oak, they are unique formulations for any timber.


Pixelmakers Limited are proud to be the creators of the shop for Sabrina, and may they long continue to dominate the UK market in bespoke, quality oak products.