We have 3 packages to suit your own requrements. Each is tailored to take advantage of the LinkLink service, whilst offering different package structures and pricing options to suit your situation.

The Basic Package LinkLink listing is just £15 per-annum, and includes:

  • A structured directory listing pointing at your company website
  • Vigilant keyword evolution and monitoring
  • LinkLink web statistics, see how many people follow your link
  • A free ‘’ email address
  • Subscription to the free LinkLink email newsletter
  • NO BANNER ADVERTS on your ad page

Not got a website? Our attractive Web Start Package includes all you need to get a presence on the web. And at just £195, it costs less than an advert in a local newspaper. Your package includes:

  • Registration of a or .info domain name for 2 years
  • Website hosting for 1 year (renewable at £50 annually)
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Design of a 3 page website
  • All the features of the Basic Package

All paperwork is taken care of, you simply supply us the details and we take care of the rest! It’s an instant solution, and a long-lasting updateable advert, at a fraction of the cost of a yearly ‘ink on paper’ advertising solution.

Not got any money in your budget? That’s fine. We offer a Free Reciprocal Linking Package for those who wish to add their business to LinkLink but already have a website. To qualify, you will need to place a small LinkLink logo on your homepage or links page on your website. In turn, so long as our link is on your site, you will be included in the directory.

In return, you will get:

  • A basic listing on our directory, with your company name, phone number and a short description
  • Keyword optimisation for your listing
  • Subscription to the free LinkLink email newsletter

Note: Free listings do NOT show an email or website address, and WILL FEATURE BANNER ADS relevant to the area that browsers are viewing. To have your website shown on your listing or to remove the banner ads, you must upgrade to the Basic Package