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The gift of flight… Helicopters release us from the constraints of gravity in ways that no other aerial transport can.

See things from a totally different viewpoint with near 180° vision. No runways, land almost anywhere there’s room.

Helitrip specialises in giving you all the benefits that this wonderful transport has to offer.

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Limousine and pink limo hire, Shropshire Telford Shrewsbury, from Stretch Ahead Limousines

Limousine hire covering Telford, Shrewsbury, Chester, Stafford, Oswestry, Welshpool and more of Shropshire and the surrounding area.

Limousine hire company based in Shrewsbury. We have a fleet of limousines to suit all needs, from weddings to parties, from airport transfer to stag nights.

Limousines in Shropshire, Staffordshire, or the Midlands?
With a fleet of American fleet limousines suited for every occasion, our service is second to none.
Our limousines run in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Chester, Mid Wales and the MIdlands. Each and every customer is treated on a personal level, and our NLA certified cars will transport you in style, class and luxury.
Catering for weddings, stag parties, hen nights, Asian weddings, cruises, airport transfers, parties, special occasions, and much much more.
So, for a limo to make that special day EXTRA special, contact us now.
Limousines for every occasion
Limousine for your Wedding? No problem. Our special extended Bridal Door will ensure that the special lady enters and exits the car smoothly.
Limousine for yourporate meeting? No problem. Our air conditioned interior with drinks bar ensures that any meeting is carried out smoothly and in total seclusion.
Limousine for a Party night? Your carriage awaits! With neon lights and stargazer ceiling, plus tinted windows, you’re assured of a star-class entrance to your night out.
Want a limousine just after a cruise? It can’t get much better than this! Arrive at your destination in style in our luxurious Lincoln limousines, with all the trim, bling and bells and whistles that you’d expect.
Limousines: A reputation for quality
Our limousine company has grown from strength to strength, and as our reputation has grown, so has our fleet of limousines. We’re now able to offer the very latest limousines for hire, with such luxuries as plasma screens and surround sound, down to necessities such as bridal doors and bootspace. With safety in mind, our limousines can only strictly carry a maximum of 8 passengers.
We look forward to your booking, our limousine fleet is waiting for your call.

Contact us on
Stretch Ahead Limos
Superfinish Building
St Michaels Street

Phone 01743 359470
Mobile 07973 977891

Check out our website! Limousine and limo hire, including the Pink Limo for Indian weddings, Asian weddings, hen nights, Shrewsbury Shropshire | Limousine and pink limo hire in Telford