Pixelmakers release ProfoundCMS V3

After many years of development, our new ProfoundCMS V3 is finally launched and already adopted by clients.

We’ve spoken on many occasions about the new and exciting Version 3 of our completely bespoke CMS system… well now, after 2 years in the making, ProfoundCMS goes from Version 2 to Version 3.

Following on from Version 2, the new V3 has seen many new features added to both the front-end and management end.

Here’s just a few exciting tidbits:

Probably our most exciting new feature is complete and simple on-site SEO—built right into the application.

No need to worry about keywords, links, metatags and sitemaps… the V3 system analyses your pages using a bit of clever thinking every time you save a page to decide how best to optimise it for the search engines.

Just write your pages, describe them in one sentence, save, and let ProfoundCMS do the rest. It’s magic.

Whatever your social media requirements, ProfoundCMS V3 gives you simple control of linking your website with your social media accounts.

Your pages are stored in the CMS database and rendered by the ProfoundCMS page rendering engine. All your ‘stuff’ is translated to HTML on-the-fly and delivered to your user.

This system has been completely re-engineered to deliver pages faster, with richer features such as custom layouts, page-by-page themes, widgets, sidebars and much more. All with the familiar, simple ProfoundCMS control system running behind the scenes.

Using standards-compliant, cross-browser compatible technologies such as CSS and Javascript, ProfoundCMS gives you huge flexibility and control of how interactive your site is for visitors. From simple image galleries to complex form validations, everything you will ever need is either included already, or can be added on request.

With full flexibility and modular frameworks, ProfoundCMS isn’t just another ‘Off the Shelf’ CMS system… it is recompiled every time with the specific needs of each client in mind.

Clients already using ProfoundCMS are starting to span the country… the furthest being  Skipping4Schools in Harrogate, Yorkshire and the newest being the Lion Quays Waterside Resort in Oswestry, Shropshire

For a demonstration of how the ProfoundCMS can work for your company, giving you finite control over content and management, drop us a line or give us a call.

Keep updated on our new CMS, and the customers using it, visit the CMS and search optimisation news at Pixelmaker’s website