More and more companies finding success with Pixelmaker’s “SiteVerts”

For some companies, especially start-ups or small businesses, a full-blown website is not a cost-effective option. Advertising budgets are tight, if they exist at all. So with advertising so important to a small business, and websites often seen as expensive, what are the options?

Pixelmakers is a small business, and as a small business we understand how difficult it can be to get a foot on the advertising ladder. Newspaper ads and mailshots are expensive, and are reliant on the ad being seen by the right person at the right time.

With the internet search engines, Google and Bing to name the largest, it is imperative that a company has an internet presence of sorts. 10 years ago or so, business presence was gained by costly directory advertising in media such as Yellow Pages, the Phone Book and other local publications.

In 2010, these paper-based mediums saw a huge decline in the number of businesses advertising. The size of the books has been reduced, and the advertising is sparse to say the least. Costs of advertising in such media is one reason for this decline, and we suspect the major reason is that 84% local to Shropshire use the internet as their first port of call to search for a business or service.

Yes, you read correctly… we asked 50 ‘independents’ during the period between March 2010 and March 2011 about their searching habits. A staggering 42 out of the 50 said they would always look to the internet as their primary directory for finding businesses, products or services. A huge percentage of those people also mentioned that they hadn’t even opened the Yell directory that year… here’s one statement from a retired lady:

“I don’t use my computer all that often except for emails and leisure. If I want to find someone locally like recently when I needed a gardener, I sometimes use the AdMag [a free Shropshire-based weekly independent advertising publication] or ask friends. More recently I have used the internet a lot more as it is so easy to type something in and see what I am looking for but I do find it all a bit mesmerising as most people are just shown as part of other advertising websites and not their own website.” 

Introducing SiteVert

For a very low setup cost, and annual renewals cheaper than one week’s newspaper advertising, Pixelmakers’ SiteVerts (‘webSite adVerts‘) are a fantastic cost-effective solution for any business to own their own domain name (with option email service) and their own search-engine optimised website. And they’re not just template driven sites, these are real websites, designed and coded for each customer separately.

The success of the SiteVert concept has been overwhelming. More and more small to medium businesses are taking up the offer, and finding the benefits of having a website—something they would have previously dismissed as being too expensive.

For less than the cost of a tiny Yellow Pages advert, a SiteVert gives your advertisement search engine exposure all around the world, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

For more information, get in touch with Pixelmakers.

For now, here’s some recent examples of SiteVerts: