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Welcome to Hotpursuit – Dating in style!
At Hotpursuit we are dedicated to giving the professional single people of Shropshire a fun, enjoyable and mature evening whilst meeting new people. We cater for all, offering an extensive selection of dating evenings.

We pride ourselves on our choice of venues; quality, relaxed and comfortable surroundings ensure it’s pleasurable for all; so you can focus on the most important thing; finding that someone you have been looking for.

Dinner Dating
20 Dates over one giant table with a 2 or 3 course dinner ÇƒÏ the perfect way to meet new people in a very relaxed and comfortable surrounding.

Singles Dating – Next Event – The Hub (Telford) (M/F)

A Hotpursuit single dating event is like a cocktail party in a slick bar where you meet single men or women. You enjoy a free drink on arrival whilst mingling with specially selected professional, attractive and confident people.

Business Networking
If you run your own business and want to make new contacts; why not attend one of Hotpursuit’s business networking events. Bringing business professionals from around Shropshire together.

Gay Dating
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Equestrian saddle and tack security, plus horse related products

NWLeisure design and manufacture EquiSpin Equestrian Saddle Security products.

Equestrian theft costs insurance companies hundreds of thousands of pounds each year, and cause horse owners no end of trouble.

Help is at handǃÓwith EquiSpinǃÓthe unique saddle security device which is much more of a deterrant than chipping or postcoding.
Designed to be thief-resistant, the EquiSpin system employs a unique anit-theft mechanism which actually prevents it from being sawed into.

But EquiSpin has more… it can also secure your accessories and tack, such as bridles.

Equestrian security products. For more information on EquiSpin and NWLeisure products, vist the website.

Santa rosa
Prescott Baschurch

Telephone: 01939 260040
Fax: 01939 260040
Mobile: 07932 940687